The strategic geography where Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is located has the shortest and most secure routes within the whole continents from the point of electronic communication and internet traffic. As a result of this, it is the ideal traffic exchange point for terrestrial and subsea communication backbones from east to west and north to south. It is obvious that we have to globalize as leading backbone carrier operator and internet exchange point in a structure which is unifying and enabling technologies not with competition and discrimination.

Taking advantage of the miraculous ecosystem features, Hyperion consists of a collaborative technological structure that coexists with global technology stakeholders and value-added services and services to the communication and internet access traffic of the world. Hyperion, which will provide access services in the physical layer of communication as well as in the network (IP) layer, with its global MPLS, autonomous DNS and intercontinental IntraNet infrastructure, establishing private, autonomous and dedicated services for institutions, organizations, organizations and public structures.

We believe that electronic communication and internet technologies should be at the top of the most sensitive issues that our country should focus on. All communication backbones, including Turkey's air and space field should be in control of the country. As long as we attach sufficient importance to international terrestrial, underwater and satellite communication, it is possible for us to have a say in the new world order.

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